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Who We Are:

EmLee is a small start-up company born from a love of handmade jewellery. We expanded further into selling merchandise for Anime, TV, Film and Gaming (our other love) as we ended up making jewellery inspired by these. Eventually, we added gifts, beauty products and homeware to complete our range.

What We Sell:

Besides handmade jewellery, we sell costume jewellery, and precious jewellery. Various themed hampers for special occasions. (These are yet to be added onto the website until later this year, 2023). A luxury bath and beauty range. A variety of homeware. Our nerdy range includes posters, prints, mugs, stickers, badges and miscellaneous merchandise.


Why We Sell These Items:

We started by making handmade jewellery and decided to expand into costume jewellery. Most costume jewellery you find are overly expensive considering they're not the jewellery you wear all the time but as a one-off around the house or when you go out. We decided we wanted to price them the right way.


Our precious jewellery is nickel-free and this range was born as we believed everyone should be able to wear beautiful jewellery without getting a rash. Plus, they're always a great gift!


We love getting gifts and giving gifts so we always find it fun to arrange our hampers into lovely themes that we hope someone else will enjoy.

Our luxury beauty and bath range are all products we fell in love with and think everyone should use. They're all made of great quality ingredients and are environmentally friendly.


Watching anime and tv, playing games, going comic-con are all loves of EmLee, so we had to start selling merchandise to fellow fans!


Our Website:

This website is new and will be constantly updating, please let us know if there is anything we can improve to help your experience.

Vintage Jewelry

Meet The Team:




 I have always enjoyed creating since I was young and grew to love making jewellery in particular. I have anxiety and find creating helps ground me. I'm also a bit of a nerd so you'll find a few quirky items here!

Glasses 2



I help on the stall at Par Market, especially with the ordering of the homeware and beauty gifts. I also help out by arranging the products on the stall.




Barry has had a stroke and helps EmLee by assisting us in sanding and painting our upcoming preloved products. He helped to sand and varnish our display crates in Par Market.

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