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Driftwood Bee & Insect Box will make a great addition to any garden. They are created by hand from recycled driftwood.  These cute little houses will bring your garden to life by welcoming bees and insects.


Insects will be useful guests in the garden to help your garden bloom.

The box is a perfect addition to any garden, orchard, or backyard.


By providing a safe and comfortable nesting place for bees and other beneficial insects, the Driftwood Bee & Insect Wide-house Box supports a healthy ecosystem and promotes pollination, leading to increased yields of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. It is a great way to contribute to the conservation of these important creatures and add a unique and functional feature to your outdoor space.

It will make a perfect gift for gardeners and nature lovers.


Handmade -Made in Indonesia - Quality recycled driftwood - Fair trade - Featuring a hanging rope 


Size: H: 22 cm, W: 20 cm, D: 12 cm

Driftwood Bee & Insect Box

  • Recycled Driftwood - Albecia falcatria, Samanea Saman, Hibiscus Tilisceus

  • Please note, collection is currently unavailable for this product

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