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These Fragrant Heart Wax Melts in Jars are made from a natural blend of soy waxes and the finest fragrance oils. They contain no paraffin wax, so your room will smell of quality fragrance and not oil. Just add one heart melt to an oil burner to make your home smell wonderful.



Per jar:  Height: 8cm , Diameter: 7cm  Weight 250g 

Per wax melt: 1x2.5cm ( approx 16 pieces - 80g)





  • Cinnamon & Orange
  • Dewberry
  • Coffee Trader
  • Peachy Cool
  • Vanilla Nutmeg
  • Classic Rose


In every jar you will find 16 heart shaped wax melts. You may want to pair them with one of our Oil Burners! Want more fragrance options? Browse our other wax melt jars.

Soywax Fragrant Melts Jar

  • Soy Wax, Fragrance Oils, Glass Jar

  • Please note, collection is currently unavailable for this product

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