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Take a look at our wooden balancing wine bottle holders. As the whole range depicts different animals, each wine holder is a magic gift for any occasion. 


These beautiful and unusual bottle holders from Indonesia merge together contemporary lines and great art. Ideal to hold bottles of great wine or some olive oil bottles.

Each of them will provide a talking point at the dinner table or wherever they are displayed. Handmade with natural high-quality Suar wood, it accentuates the unique wood patterns.


Note: This is a very rare product where our artisans can only make a limited quantity, so we can't guarantee to always be in stock. They are all painstakingly carved from one piece of wood, making for a nice detail and a better class of wine holder.


To care for this item, make sure you wipe it clean with a damp cloth from time to time and occasionally smear it with a few drops of olive oil to retain its suppleness and avoid the wood from drying. Correct storage angle of wine bottle is achieved by adjusting the bottle neck in the hole full or part full. 

Suar Wood Balance Wine Holders

  • Please note, collection is currently unavailable for this product

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