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These socks will be the perfect gift for people interested in the symbolism of the tree of life or looking for a reference to this symbol in everyday life. 

The tree of life appears in many cultures and religions around the world. It is often depicted as a tree with roots reaching down to the ground and branches branching out into the sky. In many traditions, the tree of life symbolizes immortality, fertility and renewal.


Hop Hare socks are available in two sizes:

S/M: 3.5-6.5 UK (36-40 EU)

M/L: 7.5-11.5 UK (41-46 EU). 


Why bamboo socks?

- breathable

- antibacterial

- thermoregulating

- moisture wicking

- smooth toe seam

- environmentally friendly bamboo fibres


Made of high quality, sustainably grown bamboo fibres. They have a wonderfully soft, silky texture that is exceptionally kind to the skin.

Tree of Life Bamboo Socks

  • Made in Turkey. Composition: 70% Bamboo, 28.5% Polyamide, 1.5% Elastane.

  • Please note there is no collection in store available for this product.

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